Zambezi Region Enjoys Tribal Harmony

Since Lawrence Sampofu took over as Zambezi Regional Governor in 2011 there have been no major incidents of tribalism compared to previous years when the different tribes used to be at loggerheads along tribal lines.

When Sampofu took office in 2011, after serving in the peace-keeping missions in Eritrea and Central Africa between 2007-2010, he constantly denounced tribalism and called for unity among bickering Zambezi residents.

“There have been no major events related to tribalism since I took office. I thank the residents of the Zambezi Region for not going into tribal conflicts. They should keep it up to maintain unity, peace and stability,” he applauded.

Further, he said since President Hifikepunye Pohamba appointed him in 2011, he has been relentlessly appealing to residents in the region to maintain unity of purpose and fight against tribalism to have peace and stability.

“If the region is stable then the investors will come and invest for the betterment of economic development,” stated Sampofu.

Sampofu said he was still appealing to those who are practising tribalism to stop it as it serves no purpose in a democratic nation.

On the issue of unity in diversity, Sampofu already initiated the traditional chiefs’ forum in 2012 where traditional leaders come and work together.

Source : New Era