Zambia’s Sondashi wins maiden Africa Green Jacket

WINDHOEK: Mwalikwa Sondashi from Zambia won the inaugural Windhoek Lager Africa Green Jacket Golf tournament here on Saturday.

Namibia’s Paul Ndeilenga ended second overall and David Masole of Botswana third.

Sondashi played 217 shots over the 54-hole course, while Ndeilenga played 224 shots and Masole 238 shots.

Fourteen amateur golfers played in the two-day competition on Friday and Saturday at the Windhoek Country Club Golf course.

The golfers are from host Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The tournament consisted of three rounds, comprising 18 holes each.

Sondashi told Nampa after the tournament that he practiced a lot in Zambia to be well-prepared for the competition.

“I aimed to be the best among the best, and I am happy with my performance in the tournament, and looking forward to defend my title,” he said.

Sondashi also commended the standard of the golf course and arrangements of the tournament.

He also won the A Division with 217 shots, while Zimbabwe’s Keenan Breda scooped the first place in the B Division with a total of 245 shots, and Namibia’s Stefanus van der Merwe winning the C Division with 279 shots played.

The divisions are categorised by the numerical measures of a golfer’s playing ability based on tees played for a given golf course.

Zambia ended first in the tournament with a score of 473 shots, followed by Botswana (734), Namibia (776), Zimbabwe (782) and South Africa (817)