Zimbabwean Farmers Ask for National Agricultural Plan

During the recent congress of the Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) in Harare, Zimbabwean commercial farmers asked that that a National Agricultural Plan for Zimbabwe be drafted.

The face of agriculture in Zimbabwe has changed completely since the accelerated land reform process the past 17 years nearly forced commercial agriculture to a standstill. Large parts of previously commercial land have now been re-distributed to small farmers whilst the commercial agricultural sector has been nearly forced to a standstill. Even though most of the commercial farmers still have title deeds, banks are reluctant to loan money to commercial farmers and farmers have to pay any production inputs out of their own pockets. All these happenings caused that the agricultural sector in Zimbabwe has to be reviewed and that a National Agricultural Policy is urgently needed to uplift agriculture again.

A further aspect which has emerged at the congress is the question of compensation to commercial farmers who have lost their land. The outgoing President of the CFU, Charly Taffs, accepted responsibility to continue with negotiations to get compensation for farmers. During this 71st congress of the CFU, Peter Steyls was elected as the new president. The congress was inter alia attended by Sakkie Coetzee, Executive Manager of the Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU), the President and Executive Manager of AgriSA, Johannes Moller and Hans van der Merwe, the Executive Manager of the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU), Bennie van Zyl as well as the President of SACAU, Dr Theo de Jager.

Source : New Era