18 years imprisonment for love-rivalry murder

Windhoek-A Windhoek resident was sentenced this week to 18 years behind bars for having murdered his ex-lover's boyfriend. Bernard Nanub, 39, was found guilty of murder and two counts of assault in June in connection with the murder of Amon Muhinga.

Muhinga, who was in a relationship with Nanub's former girlfriend, died as a result of a stab wound on December 11, 2011 in the vicinity of Katutura.

Magistrate Elina Nandago sentenced Nanub to 18 years imprisonment on the charge of murder, a fine of N$500 or alternatively 90 days imprisonment for the first charge of assault, and two years in prison on the second charge of assault.

Nandago informed Nanub the sentences for the two counts of assault will be served concurrently with the sentence of the main charge of murder. Even if the deceased and the accused were dating the same woman, that alone does not give the accused the right to act out the way he did, Nandago said.

According to the witnesses who took the stand during the trial, on the date in question an argument broke out between the deceased and Nanub over relationship issues. Nanub's former girlfriend had moved on to date Amon Muhinga, something that Nanub did not appreciate.The assault charges emanate from the fact that during the argument Nanub started throwing stones at the deceased, which consequently hit and injured two other people.

Although Muhinga had attempted to flee the scene, Nanub reportedly caught up with him and stabbed him with a knife that had fallen out of the deceased's pockets. It was not necessary for the accused to go to the extent of stabbing the deceased since the deceased was attempting to flee the scene, Nandago said, further adding that Nanub had failed to show any remorse during the trial for what he has done.

Nandago noted that although the courts were imposing stiffer sentences to deter the would-be offenders from committing such offences, it seems to be in vain, as this type of crime remains ever-prevalent.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia