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Major business events of 2012

bus sam 21 decJanuary

New fishing rights

THE Government granted fishing rights to new companies as part of its black economic empowerment policy, the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources

Dundee proceeds with capital projects

DUNDEE Precious Metals Incorporated announced this week that it plans to proceed with two significant capital projects at its Tsumeb smelter. It also plans to continue with commercial developments related to

Looking past the speed hump

I WOULD describe 2012 as the year of two extremes – the both good and the bad. Putting a stumble into words that can further elaborate the story I am

Salary increases for political office bearers rooted in fiction not reality

WITHIN the past 30 days, I spent a bit of time in four countries: Ethiopia, South Africa, Namibia, and finally France where I currently find myself. With the exception of

Holidays make more work

WHEN holidays are here, women work harder than when it is the regular time of the year. My husband and kids look forward to holidays, but, at times, I don’t. From

Excellent research

Kasper Jenson, Researcher of the Year and the Rector of the Polytechnic, Prof. Tjama Tjivikua. (Photograph Yvonne Amukwaya)

Understanding Weather – not predicting – 20 December 2012

What happened?
”Weather” is renowned for its ability to achieve the unusual and do so with scant advice to the onlooker. A week ago a quite familiar synopsis was present

Weekly Rainfall – 20 December 2012