2019 Swakopmund SME expo attracts more exhibitors

The number of exhibitors to partake in the Swakopmund mini Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Expo has increased from 150 exhibitors in 2018 to 250 in 2019.

The expo which is scheduled to take place from 26 September � 29 September, aims to provide a platform for Namibia's small to medium enterprises to promote and market their products and services to different business industries, as well as the public.

Event planner and entrepreneur Nangula Nashandi during the launch of the second edition of the expo here on Friday, said that apart from presenting a highly effective showcase for exhibitors active in the SME sector, the organisers also aim to host the exhibition yearly and expanding the showcase.

The expo hosts exhibits by local, regional and international exhibitors and also features self-made products in Namibia, Nashandi added.

This year, the National Youth Council (NYC) has also collaborated with the expo by funding an additional 70 stalls worth N. dollars 280 000.

The stalls will be occupied by exhibitors from within Swakopmund and across the country.

Nashandi added that the expo aims on attracting more exhibitors from across the borders next year.

Other sponsors include First National Bank, who pledged N. dollars 20 000, Infinity Lounge N. dollars 10 000, Intercity Namibia N. dollars 3000, TN Mobile who will provide free wifi for the exhibitors and consumers at the expo, among others.

Source: Namibia Press Agency