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Sabin Vaccine Institute Funds Researchers to Investigate COVID-19 Misinformation, Design Solutions to Increase Vaccine Acceptance

WASHINGTON, Jan. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Sabin Vaccine Institute (Sabin) announced today that it has awarded grants to research teams in four countries to explore the social drivers of COVID-19 misinformation, and its impact on routine immunization acceptance

Sabin Vaccine Institute financia pesquisadores para investigar desinformação sobre a COVID-19, projetar soluções para aumentar a aceitação de vacinas

WASHINGTON, Jan. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — O Sabin Vaccine Institute (Sabin) anunciou hoje que concedeu subsídios a equipes de pesquisa de quatro países para explorar os fatores sociais da desinformação sobre a COVID-19 e seu impacto na aceitação rotineira

Sabin Vaccine Institute finance des chercheurs pour enquêter sur la désinformation relative à la COVID-19 et concevoir des solutions en vue d’accroître l’acceptation des vaccins

WASHINGTON, 13 janv. 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Le Sabin Vaccine Institute (Sabin) a annoncé aujourd’hui avoir accordé des subventions à des équipes de recherche dans quatre pays afin d’étudier les facteurs sociaux de la désinformation sur la COVID-19 et son

Hamunyela denied bail over alleged stock theft

Former Commander in the Namibian Defence Force, Major General Thomas Hamuyela, was denied bail over alleged stock theft on Wednesday. Hamunyela was arrested by the police in the Kavango West Region at his farm at Mburundu village on Tuesday. He

Farmers fear lions’ presence in Kunene

Farmers of Rendewoud are living in fear after lions were seen roaming around the farm in the Kunene Region, prompting some to move their livestock from kraals into their houses to prevent loss. According to one of the farmers, Asser

Shangula announces new COVID-19 measures as cases spike

Health minister, Dr Kalumbi Shangula, on Wednesday announced new COVID-19 measures aimed at mitigating the spread of the virus and to curtail the burden on hospitals to ensure that the provision of essential health services is not disrupted. Shangula, during

Nganate concerned over increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Omaheke

Omaheke Governor, Pijoo Nganate, has said the double digit number of positive COVID-19 cases observed in the region over the past weeks raises alarm and worry that COVID-19 protocols are not being adhered to in the region. In a recent

COVID-19: Over 1 000 heath workers infected and six died due to COVID-19: Shangula

The Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr Kalumbi Shangula said that 1 350 healthcare workers have been infected with COVID-19, including six who lost their lives as a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Speaking at the 23rd COVID-19 public briefing