50,000 expected at Heroes Day

Heroes’ Day 2013 will be commemorated at Omugulu-gwoombashe, in the Omusati region on 26 August, the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology announced this week. “All roads will lead to the Omusati region as Namibians will go to commemorate this important day in the Namibian history” said ICT minister, Hon Joel Kaapanda.
National Heroes Day will be celebrated at the Omugulu-gwoombashe National Heritage Site. The organising ministry expects 50,000 people from Omusati and surrounding regions, to attend the event. The site is located at the spot of the first contact in the bushwar that started on 26 August 1966.
The highlight of the celebrations will be the presentation of medals of honour to deserving heroes and heroines of the land of the brave. Also on this auspicious day, a statue of former President, Dr Sam Nujoma will be unveiled to mark his service as PLAN Commander in Chief during the liberation struggle. [The statue serves] “as an honour and recognition, by Namibians, of the priceless role he has played in leading the struggle to its logical conclusion” the ministry said.
The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology extended an open invitation to all Omusati residents to attend the Heroes’ Day celebrations adding that “those who will not be able to travel are encouraged to plan events marking the 2013 Heroes’ Day in their regions.”
“Heroes’ Day is part of the national calendar to remind Namibians not to forget the people “whose blood waters our freedom” for the enormous sacrifices they made for the country’s freedom and independence.”
“Many heroes and heroines died resisting and fighting against foreign occupation, oppression and repression while others were maimed by the racist apartheid colonial army machinery. Some of the heroes and heroines are still with us today to commemorate 26 August, the significant point in Namibia’s liberation struggle when SWAPO decided to take up arms to liberate our country through the barrel of the gun” said the ministry.
“Heroes’ Day is a unifying national event where Namibians across the political spectrum are expected to pay homages to our heroes and heroines who sacrificed their precious lives during the war of liberation.”