A legend in pictures

Founding President Sam Nujoma and Dr Libertina Amathila sharing memories at the opening of the exhibition (Photograph by Melba Chipepo)An exhibition titled “Road to a Memorable Dawn” that is focusing on the life of the Founding Father of Namibia and his role in attaining freedom for the ‘Land of the Brave’ opened this week at the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN).
Initiated by Vice-chairperson of the National Art Gallery of Namibia Board of Trustees Draga Boskovic the exhibition promises to evoke nostalgia, as it will remind the viewer of how far the country’s people have come as individuals and as part of a nation.
The exhibition comprises of collections from the National Archives, artefacts and paintings provided by friends, colleagues, writers and artists, as well as items lent to the NAGN by Founding President Sam Nujoma himself.
According to Boskovic, this exhibition should educate, especially the younger generation, that are still at school and it aims primarily at them in order to inform and educate. The exhibition which was officially opened by Dr Libertina Amathila will travel with the Mobile Exhibition System of the NAGN to all 13 regions of Namibia, to enrich and empower every person who has an opportunity to view the exhibition.