A Namibian designer who aims for the stars

Fashion Designer Tsatago Garoeb, wearing pants that he designed and made himself.(Photograph by: Mandisa Rasmeni)Tsatago Garoeb is the owner and the creative mind behind House of Tsatago (HOT). He is an up and coming designer, who has been in the fashion industry for a year now and his clientèle is growing gradually.
Visiting the Economist this week, Tsatago said he started sketching while he was still young and the fact that his mother is a seamstress and his sister a model, sparked his love for fashion.
He then acquired the skills to make his own clothes at the University of Namibia, and his family is supporting him all the way to fulfill his dreams
He has registered his company ‘HOT ‘ last year and is planning on having a launch this year to officially introduce his label to the nation.