A taste of Tonetic at Music Circle

Singer songwriter Tonetic performs in the first instalment of the Bank Windhoek Music Circle.Last year the Bank Windhoek Music Circle offered all-round entertainment for music lovers. This year the popular show continues on Saturday 19 January with inspired singer and songwriter Tonetic’s live performance in the Nice restaurant court yard.
Who is this man behind Tonetic? Steffen List is the name by which his friends know him. At the age of seven he has already learned to master the Cello.
As a teenager he discarded the Cello in favour of the robust bass guitar. In 1996 he gave his debut as the bass of the band ‘Needles’ where the band shared an evening with Desert Velvet and Eternal Rain. Through the years he became fond of the guitar which allows him to compose and to perform his songs solo or with the band.
“I draw from very deep and personal, sometimes evocative moods and emotions when I write and compose. My music is not meant to induce sadness, I find peace and solace through musical expression and hope that my music has a comparable effect on others” is what the artist said when asked how he describes the process of creating and composing music.