ACC dismisses claims investigating another suspects in Fishrot

The Anti-Corruption Commission of Namibia (ACC) has rebuked claims of investigating two more suspects in the Fishrot saga.

Speaking to Nampa on Tuesday, ACC spokesperson Josephine Nghituwamata said that information circulating on social media that ACC is investigating two more suspects is false.

We have not issued any statement and all the information that is circulating is not true it is not from our office. I have engaged the investigating officers, as well as our head, Paulus Noa and they are not aware of such investigations. It is not true at all. We have had a number of calls about the information before. We are even surprised that the so-called statement states that it was issued by the ACC, she said.

Nghituwamata added that the pubic needs to be vigilant of fall information that could lead to misleading of the nation and damage to the image of persons that are falsely implicated in corrupt practices.

The ACC has further warned the person responsible for creating a false message.

The ACC will take relevant steps to bring to an end circulation of such untrue messages. However, we would be releasing a press statement today or tomorrow about the information that is circulating on social media. We would like to make it clear that it does not come from our offices, she said.

The false information circulating on social media indicates that the current Khomas Swapo Party Regional Coordinator is being investigated in the Fishrot sag along with another suspect.

Source: Namibia Press Agency