ACC Investigates Fisheries Director

THE Anti-Corruption Commission is investigating allegations that a Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources director, Anna Erastus, received about N$700 000 from Omualu Fishing Company.

ACC director Paulus Noa confirmed the investigation on Monday, saying the details pertaining to the case cannot be revealed at this stage.

Omualu Fishing Company is a wholly-Namibian owned horse mackerel company that has created over 100 jobs for the local people.

Erastus, who is the director of policy planning and economics at the ministry, allegedly received the money some time this year for reasons that are not yet known.

The fishing company’s managing director, Sacky Kadhila Amoomo, denied claims that Erastus was given money.

“Our bank accounts are clean. You can come and have a look at them. We have not given any money to Ms Erastus,” he said.

Amoomo said their relationship with Erastus is a professional one: “I only know her as the director at the ministry and nothing else.”

Amoomo, who is also the head of finance at the fishing company, said he had picked up rumours that the ACC was investigating allegations that Erastus was given money.

“The ACC has not yet approached us but they are welcome to come and have a look at our finances,” said Amoomo.

Omualu Fishing Company is a fairly new joint venture established about two years ago. The company opened its own N$40 million fish processing plant early this week.

There are five new right holders namely – Aluhe Fishing, Omukwa Management Fishing, Mo-Be Fishing, Omdiva Fishing and Queen Kalaeinasho Fishing. The company is chaired by Johannes Nanyeni.

Speaking to The Namibian yesterday, Erastus said it was the first time she was hearing about the investigation and that she was shocked.

“I have not taken any money from anyone. This is a shock to me. It is not true, any of it. People just want to tarnish my name. Why me? They could pick on someone else. I have been working here for about 10 years,” said Erastus.

Source : The Namibian