Accreditation for Public Relation Practitioners

(Front row from left to right) The PRISA Namibia Committee consists of Gladwin Groenewaldt (PRISA: Membership); Maria Dax (PRISA: Chair); Ndangi Katoma (PRISA: Chair-Elect); (Middle row from left to right) Josephine Shikongo (PRISA: Secretary); Natasja Beyleveld (PRISA: PRO) and (back) Annemarie Saunderson (PRISA Treasury). Not in the picture is Helene Meintjes (PRISA Additional Member).Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA)’s President Solly Moeng said that there are many things that stand in the way of academically trained corporate communication and public relations practitioners integrating into the industry.
“It is impossible to open an accounting firm, a legal firm, an architectural firm, etc. without proper academic qualifications in those fields, while it seems fine to do so in public relations and communication.” said Moeng.
Maria Dax, Chairperson of PRISA Namibia, agrees with Moeng, and says: “PRISA Namibia should work harder at identifying non-member consultants, practitioners and students, who describe themselves as either experts or aspiring experts and engage with them – pointing out the benefits of being part of the recognised professional body and persuading them to join it.”