Accused granted bail for allegedly buying stolen meat at Mariental

The two men arrested after they received or bought stolen meat without making sure of the ownership between last Tuesday and Wednesday in Mariental made their first appearance at the Mariental Magistrates Court on Monday.

Matheus Ndalikule Ndaitavela, 49, and ElicksonFikeiko, 47, appeared before Magistrate Vincent Nzaca on a charge of buying stolen meat without ascertaining ownership and was granted bail of N.dollars 500 each. The matter was postponed to 26 March for them to apply for legal representation through the Ministry of Justice's Legal Aid Directorate.

The incident happened at Mariental's Ombili Informal Settlement.

It is alleged that the suspects were found in possession of suspected stolen stock and or bought the meat from the seller without ascertaining if the seller was the lawful owner.

Public Prosecutor Loide Nghixulifwa represented the State in the matter, while the two accused conducted their own defence.

Source: Namibia Press Agency