Accused Kaambu Opts to Defend Herself

Kaambu is charged with having killed Tenete by bashing his head against the concrete cell floor on 23 January after a fight over tea with his mother Kaarina Mateus (29) who had been arrested for shop lifting.

Kaambu also appeared in court on an earlier charge of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm.

During the court proceedings, magistrate Surita Savage asked Kaambu why she still did not have legal representation.

“I am unemployed and don’t have money to apply for legal aid,” she replied.

However, a court orderly told the magistrate that he had gone to her cell after her previous court appearance and advised her on how to correctly apply for legal aid.

He alleged that she got aggressive and refused to listen to his advice, saying she would defend herself.

Kaambu requested the magistrate to look at the fact that she was assaulted by other inmates while in jail after the death of Tenete.

She alleged she did not received proper treatment after the assault.

The magistrate once more informed Kaambu of her right to free legal representation.

On her initial charge, Kaambu was granted bail of N$500, which was later cancelled because she failed to give her residential address. She also said there was no way she could give her address because she did not remember it.

Both cases were postponed to 7 May for further police investigations.

The investigations into the murder of four-year-old Tenete just over a month ago have been completed and the report on the incident was submitted to police Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga to decide if there was any negligence on the part of the police.

Ndeitunga said he had read the report and forwarded it accordingly, to Ombudsman John Walters.

“I don’t have the report here, the Ombudsman will be able to clarify everything and address the issue publicly,” Ndeitunga said.

Walters confirmed that he received the report, but added that he needed to do further investigations to look into the police response.

“I received it today (yesterday). As we are talking, I am looking through it, but I still need to do further investigations and answer some questions raised by the police,” Walters said.

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