AfriCat’s Information and Carnivore Care Centre gets a face lift

The revamped information centre at AfriCat’s Information and Carnivore Care Centre The first phase of AfriCat’s Information and Carnivore Care Centre is now complete and Team AfriCat is now able to enjoy a brand new, spacious, and more private office with a wonderful view overlooking the Care Centre.
The new office offers the team some privacy for meetings or when dealing with phone calls.
The guests visiting the Information Centre and clinic will no longer be disturbed by telephones ringing and ‘Radio-Okonjima’ broadcasting while they try to concentrate on the AfriCat and carnivore information displayed across the room.
The Okonjima guides will also be able to explain the centre’s different projects in a more relaxed fashion, explaining research projects and how it all started in several languages.
For those fortunate enough to have attended the Annual Health and Dental Checks over the years, part of the new office now stands on the section where the cats recovered in their overnight wooden crates. The ‘recovery’ area will be moved behind the current clinic, away from the noise of passing vehicles and people, which means less stress for the animals, post anaesthetic.