Afrobarometer survey launched in Windhoek found that Namibians of voting age identify unemployment

The Afrobarometer survey launched on Wednesday in Windhoek found that Namibians of voting age identify unemployment, drought and poverty as the three most pressing concerns the government needs to address.

Speaking at the report launch, Christie Keulder, Director at Survey Warehouse, Afrobarometer's country partner said in a sample of 1 200 adult citizens, responding to the question of the most important problems facing the country that government should address, 62 per cent said unemployment; 30 per cent listed drought while 22 per cent identified poverty.

Some other options were education, crime and health which were also regarded as major concerns facing the country.

Further, according to the survey report, four in five Namibians feel the country is headed in the wrong direction.

This was in response to the question: 'Would you say the country is going in the wrong direction or going in the right direction.'

Keulder explained the results by stating that there is a general decline in trust in government and that the research found that this decline in trust also increased the negative perceptions respondents had towards government performance in certain key areas.

Source: Namibia Press Agency