Agra over the counter

Over-the-counter trading although a popular notion amongst traders has recently seen its first fruits within Namibia (in a formalised context) with Agra getting on board with the new service.
Speaking to the Economist, the Chief Executive Officer of Namibia Stock Exchange, Mr Tiaan Bazuin, helps explain the process. “When it comes to a company listing, there are various requirements set up by the stock exchange that a company must comply with. The process of conversion is often long and tenuous for several companies. What the Namibian stock exchange has done is create a separate market for such companies which may be in the process of meeting all of the listing requirements. In a formalised way, Over The Counter (OTC)market is available for such companies. This trading works on the basis that the usual regulatory oversight is somewhat relaxed as compared to those of listed public companies. Agra serves as the first company to utilise this new service offered by Namibia Stock Exchange (NSX). New in the sense that it is a formalized way of over-the counter trading.”
Mr Bazuin noted that this form of trading is not one without risk yet its benefits are still substantial. “This method is riskier as there is less regulation but it as still not as risky as someone making direct share purchases to a private company where there is no oversight. The OTC market provides a benchmark for a company to be open to more investment but its main aim is price discovery.