Agra Staff Become Instant Models

Staff members of Agra instantly became models when they were called upon to model Swakara designs recently.

Agra was compelled to arrange a mini fashion show for staff members to showcase the much-sought after Swakara garments when three very innovative, creative and highly inspiring Danish designers, Tilde Bay-Kristoffersen, Kjetil Aas and a creative furrier from the Kopenhagen Studio, Sofie Merete Erichsen, attended a fur designer’s workshop hosted by Agra, the Karakul (Swakara) Board of Namibia and Kopenhagen Fur Bay-Kristoffersen. The three have been selected to design Swakara fashion wear for men and women for 2015, respectively.

The Danish threesome also were in Windhoek to view the 50 000 Swakara pelts that were selected for the second Kopenhagen Fur Auction on September 9 in Copenhagen, Denmark ,where international designers like the three visitors will once again have the world at their feet with exotic and colourful Swakara designs to some of the most famous designer houses on the planet. The garments were also presented at Africa’s Finest Culture Fashion Show hosted recently in the capital. The workshop was attended by Namibian designers, who were taught on techniques of working with Swakara and other types of furs. The three Danish designers have been commissioned to design the 2015 swakara promotional fashion collection. Aas will design the Swakara men collection and Bay-Kristofferson the women collection. The promotional catalogue entails different designs of Swakara garments and accessories, and is used at international fashion shows to market Namibia’s black diamonds. Prior to the workshop, the international guests visited a Swakara farm, mainly to be inspired and understand the production process. They were impressed with the Code of Conduct practised by Swakara producers. They also visited a Namibian Kindergarten that has been supported by the Kopenhagen Fur employees over the past ten years.

At the occasion, the media was invited to the Agra’s Pelt Centre for a tour to understand the activities of the centre. Jeremy Duffield-Harding, Chief Swakara Pelt Sorter at the Pelt Centre explained the process of preparing the assortment.

Agra serves Swakara producers firstly by assisting in the production process and then by marketing the pelts internationally, as mandated by the Karakul (Swakara) Board of Namibia. Dagmar Honsbein, General Manager of Agra ProVision says “Agra represents the Swakara industry at international auctions. It is also noteworthy to mention that within 1 week after the auction, Agra pays each producer based on the prices achieved per lot and per pelt, bringing home their hard earned forex.” She continues that the cost of sales in the Swakara industry is rather low, thereby enabling the producer to take home some 90% of the sales’ proceeds.

Source : New Era