Agricultural potential of Huila attracts Namibian investor

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Lubango – The Namibian cereal processing company (AGRIMIL) will start, in the coming six months, the installation of a cereal production and packaging industry in Lubango City, southern Huila Province, to take advantage of the agricultural potential of the region, the representative of the firm, Leny Chicuamby, has said.

According to the AGRIMIL’s representative, who expressed the intention to invest in the region after participating in the Expo-Huila, the agricultural potential of the province attracted the Namibian company.

The businessman, who was coy on the financial package to be invested, said Huila’s high population density facilitates the implementation of the business, adding that the idea is to open a company buying, transforming and packaging local raw materials to supply the domestic market.

Chicuamby said AGRIMIL is a Namibian company that exists for 25 years and is focused on the cornmeal production, underscoring that from the contacts made with local producers, there is enough raw material to sustain the industry.

Leny Chicuamby pointed out that the agricultural potential, and not only that, are motivational factors that led the Namibian company to invest in Huila Province.

The 29th edition of Expo-Huila, which closed Sunday, had the participation of 320 public and private companies, including some foreign companies from Namibia, China, South Africa, Portugal and Italy.

Source: Angola Press News Agency