AgriSA has deemed re-opening of land claims for next five years as a ‘crushing blow’ for commercial farmers

SOUTH AFRICA: AgriSA has deemed the re-opening of land claims for the next five years as a ‘crushing blow’ for commercial farmers, Rapport newspaper reported today.

AgriSA deputy president Theo de Jager told the newspaper ‘farmers are now deeply uncertain about whether they should invest in their land over the next two years; wanting to know what will happen if a land claim is lodged.

He said they do not know if they must sow for the following harvest.

He said that AgriSA had spoken to government as there are big question marks hanging over the integrity of those discussions because several ministers had previously said that the land claims will not be reopened.

The amendment bill on the restitution of lands rights was adopted in Parliament on Tuesday.

The amendment bill sets a new deadline for land claims — December 31, 2018. The previous deadline was December 31, 1998.