Alcohol fuelling crime at Leonardville

WINDHOEK: Defence Minister Nahas Angula has declared 2014 a year of commitment to duty.

In his New Year’s message to his personnel here on Wednesday, he warned staff members against absenteeism, carelessness in handling State properties, drunkenness on duty, the irresponsible driving of Government vehicles, the careless handling of firearms as well as generally poor behaviour.

“Commitment to duty shall be demonstrated by high motivation, competence, discipline, physical fitness and mental stability, health and wellness.

A highly-motivated workforce is focused on performance, task completion on time and teamwork. Moreover, discipline is key to achieving the goals and objectives of our organisation,” stated Angula.

He also made reference to an annual review conference by his ministry which took place in December 2013, during which a number of resolutions were issued.

These resolutions covered a wide range of issues in the management and administration of the Defence Force, and include career-path development, reward and motivation for members of the Force, information-sharing regarding recruitment into the Force, discipline and patriotism, budget planning, use of social media by members of the Force, defence industries’ development as well as research and development.

The minister assured his staff that management and the military leadership shall jointly meet to plan how soon these resolutions would be implemented.

He reiterated that physical fitness and mental stability ensure level-headedness, self-confidence and self-respect.

‘’Our goals and objectives are to build this ministry into an efficient and effective organisation, and at the same time ensure that the Namibian Defence Force is a proud organisation tuned to fulfil its mission. We must all work as a team,” he added.