All People’s Party yesterday launched its election campaign

The All People's Party (APP) yesterday launched its election campaign at Katima Mulilo for the upcoming Presidential and National Assembly elections earmarked for late November.

During a press conference, APP national chairperson, Linus Muchali, listed the problems faced by the Namibia, which prompted the party to contest in the elections as poverty and inequality, unemployment and cheap labour, homelessness, underdevelopment as well as the absence of national documents.

After 29 years of independence, we still have elderly people without identity documents and they are deprived of benefits of the old age pension and drought relief food because of this, Muchali stressed.

He further stated that the infrastructure in Katima Mulilo are shameful because the roads have potholes everywhere, water and electricity are being cut off frequently while the health services have drastically dropped with scarce medication and lack of specialists in the respective health departments.

It is detailed that APP has identified viable solutions to the highlighted problems in which they said that the political party will put agriculture on a higher production level to ensure efficiency and high output that will guarantee food security for Namibia and ensure a degree of food self-sufficiency at household level.

Source: Namibia Press Agency