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WINDHOEK: Chinese Ambassador to Namibia, Xin Shunkang says he is happy with the way in which Namibia has safeguarded its environment through its strict laws.

Xin made these remarks in an interview with Nampa last Wednesday during preparations for the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations.

He said China and other countries should learn from the Namibian example to protect its environment, animals and people.

“People should not only pay attention to the economic development of the country, but also to the environment which people live in. This is what every country should pay attention to,” he noted.

Xin also reflected on Africa’s situation over the past 30 years.

“In the past 30 years, some countries developed faster than others, but at the sacrifice of the environment and natural resources, resulting in environmental, land and air pollution,” he stated.

Xin also spoke about the China-Namibia relationship as being ‘healthy’ because of the co-ordination between the two countries’ peoples.

“In the past, we had a solid foundation because of the many ambassadors who did a lot of good work. For my term, I will continue to maintain the good relationship that already exists,” he noted.

He then highlighted the economic development and social cooperation between the two countries; the people-to-people exchanges; and China’s contribution to various sectors, including education and healthcare.