Alweendo urges diamond producing countries to collaborate

Minister of Mines and Energy, Tom Alweendo has urged African countries that produce diamonds and the diamond industry players to collaborate towards closing the gap between social responsibility and shared value.

Alweendo said this on Thursday during an African Diamond Conference Webinar.

He said sustainability and social responsibility has been achieved so far, as 99 per cent of diamonds produced in Africa have met the Kimberley Process minimum requirements and are certified as conflict-free diamonds. However, the need to create shared value is yet to be accomplished fully. Meaning there is a need to close the gap between social responsibility and shared value through collaboration between African diamond producing countries.

“I strongly urge that governments across the board and the diamond industry players collaborate towards closing the gap, in areas of creating conducive environments, usage of appropriate marketing messages, platforms, and competing on purpose as one party cannot succeed alone,” said Alweendo.

He added that there is a need for storytelling about natural diamonds and the positive impact they have made in order to boost consumer confidence. But the question is how effective and efficient it can be done in order to convince diamond buyers when they make their purchasing decisions.

“Evidently, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to think differently in a more innovative manner such as using digital platforms and new media applications to reach out to a wider consumer base. These observations call for a need for partnership and collaboration with institutions such as the Antwerp World Diamond Centre and Natural Diamond Council as enablers of creating shared value from natural diamonds,” expressed Alweendo.

He commended the Natural Diamond Council for the “inspiring work in educating and protecting consumer interest by telling the story of natural diamonds”.

Source: Namibia Press Agency