Amaning defends large sums of cash withdrawals

New Era Sports sought clarity from Brave Warriors assistant team manager Jakes Amaning who also doubles as the national junior football team manager.

It's a bit complicated but it has always been the procedure within the organisation to carry large amounts of cash for projects assignments.

Amaning adds that a large chunk of the money was used for several trips to Accra, Ghana for national teams training camps.

It should be noted that traveling in Africa is a massive challenge because there are times when we are obliged to spend long hours at airports in transit and have to buy food for the entire traveling entourage. The none existence of electronic banking transfer facilities at hotels is another reason why we always carry large amounts of foreign currency.

By his own admission, projects participants were mostly schoolteachers and would strictly demand cash payment for traveling, accommodation and meals to the venues.

He says the FIFA 4 Health Project consumed a large chunk of the funds. Pressed as to why these transactions could not be done electronically � Amaning said beneficiaries were not keen on banking transfers and would prefer hard cash.

Amaning maintains that there is a standing house-rule that one must reconcile the expenses upon completion of the tasks, before subsequent payment is made � notwithstanding the fact that cheques were often issued in succession.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia