Amushelelo released on bail of N.dollars 35 000

The social media activist Michael Amushelelo who is facing alleged charges of money laundering, was on Monday released on a bail of N.dollars 35 000.

Amushelelo was released on bail shortly after he made a first appearance before Magistrate Ivan Gawanab in the Windhoek Magistrate Court along Luderitz Street on Monday morning.

He appeared alongside with co-accused Gregory Cloete, who was also released on a bail of N.dollars 35 000.

The bail is granted with stringent bail conditions in that the two men should surrender all their travelling documents to the Police Investigating Officers and should not apply for new travelling documents.

The two men were also ordered not to leave district of Windhoek without seeking prior authorisation from the police investigating police officers.

Furthermore, the two accused are ordered to report themselves at the Windhoek Police Station on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 08h00 and 17h00.

They are also ordered not to interfere with the police investigations by directly or indirectly contacting State witnesses.

Windhoek based defence lawyers Karel Gaeb and Taimi Ileka �Amupanda represented Amushelelo while Kadhila Amoomo appeared for Cloete.

Public prosecutor Bernadine Bertolini appeared for the State and the case was postponed to 14 April 2020, pending further investigations in the matter.

The two men were arrested on Friday last week.

Source: Namibia Press Agency