Angola and Cuba strengthen partnership to share common history

Angola and Cuba will disseminate research on the life and work of the political leaders of both countries with greater regularity, as a result of the signing, this Thursday, in Luanda, of an agreement between the António Agostinho Neto Memorial and the Fidel de Castro Cultural Center of Cuba.

The agreement aims at greater collaboration with books publications, lectures and conferences, disseminating Agostinho Neto’s and Fidel de Castro’s historic revolutions to the new generation.

For the António Agostinho Neto’s memorial signed its general director, António Fonseca, for whom the agreement will allow historical dissemination, scientific and cultural exchange.

He said that it will also facilitate the increase of research and the dissemination of the life and work of Angolan and Cuban revolutionary leaders and pass down values that they cultivated to the new generations.

“Cuba has always been on Angola’s side and both have generated information that are a little forgotten and need to be gathered for the historiography of the two states”, he stated.

The counter-signature will be made in Cuba, by the Fidel de Castro Cultural Center’s director, however, the act on the Angolan side was witnessed by the Cuban ambassador to Angola, Esther Amenteros.

On the occasion, the diplomat showed satisfaction with the fact that both institutions have the same objective, that of preserving the memory of the two leaders.

“May it be the beginning of an effective collaboration”, he asserted.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)