Anti-poaching unit receives donations worth N.dollars 1 million

The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism on Wednesday received donations worth N.dollars 1.1 million from local private companies.

It includes a Toyota Land Cruiser from Standard Bank Namibia and dog food from SWAVET, while MSD Animal Health contributed immunisation products and Rhino Park Private Hospital donated pharmaceutical products.

In acceptance, Minister of Environment, Forestry and Tourism Pohamba Shifeta said the donation comes at a time when Namibia faces the impact of COVID-19, noting that tourism which is the principal economic force for wildlife conservation and which pays for the conservation protection costs, is particularly hard hit.

“The donation also comes at a time when Namibia is experiencing crime against wildlife, particularly rhinos, elephants and pangolins, which is sparked by international trade of their products,” he said.

Shifeta noted that various tools have been utilised to curb the onslaught on the animals that are especially sought after by poaching syndicates, adding that amongst the tools is the employment of the anti-poaching unit which can offer a combination of detection, tracking and apprehension capabilities.

“Today we are seeing a reduction in wildlife poaching incidents and more arrests have been recorded,” he noted.

Handing over the vehicle, Standard Bank Namibia Chief Executive Vetumbuavi Mungunda said leaders of both the private and public sectors should embrace the responsibility of preserving the country’s treasures through partnering with entities who are responsible for the custody of natural resources such as wildlife.

“Wildlife as a resource we need to protect and preserve and hand over to the next generation, therefore the current generation of leaders should preserve these resources,” he said.

Source: Namibia Press Agency