APP launches election manifesto

Vincent Kanyetu, All Peoples Party (APP) Secretary General and candidate for parliament launched the parties manifesto for the upcoming November Parliamentary and presidential elections at a media event in the capital on Tuesday.

Kanyetu announced the parties list of 72 candidates for parliament at the event.

He also outlined the political parties campaign plan (manifesto) for the upcoming elections.

The manifesto presented by Kanyetu includes an appeal to Namibians to vote for the APP in order to ensure a government committed to education and lifelong learning.

Responding to questions from the media, Kanyetu said the party will leverage Namibia's agriculture based economy to spearhead employment creation.

He said this will be done by ensuring young people who reside in rural areas have access to small holdings to produce food for home consumption and also for the market.

He added that by spear-heading national development projects country-wide the party will ensure youth are kept busy through gainful employment at these projects.

Kanyetu said, as a result of the youth being kept busy they will not indulge in destructive habits such as alcohol and drug abuse.

These habits are on the rise in the country and pose a serious cause of concern to Namibian society, Kanyetu said.

Kanyetu informed the media of the top 20 candidates for the APP parliamentary list which he described as gender balanced and representative of most regions in Namibia.

Responding to questions posed by the media regarding gender parity, Kanyetu said, although the party does not subscribe to the doctrine of 50/50 gender representation the APP has a list which is 51 per cent men and 49 per cent women.

He said these candidates were elected at the parties' electoral college based on their competencies and dedication to party programs.

One of the female candidates on the APP list of top 20, Patronella Steenkamp told Nampa that APP is a progressive party in terms of gender representation.

She said the parties' president Ignatius Shixwameni is a gender sensitive man who has always put woman's issues at the forefront of APP policy.

The media launch was held at a guest house in Windhoek and was attended by party supporters and sympathisers.

The party manifesto titled 'APP's 2019 Campaign Plan' was also distributed at the event.

Source: Namibia Press Agency