APP to take stock of its 2019 Presidential and National Assembly Elections performance

All People's Party (APP) President, Ignatius Shixameni says that APP will be conducting a national review workshop to take stock of the party's performance in the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly elections.

The party president said this at a press conference held at the party's regional office here on Monday following a meeting held over the weekend where it looked at various issues affecting the party.

Shixameni said during the party's regional meeting, the party directed its Secretary-General (SG), Vincent Kanyetu to organise a national review workshop.

We have instructed our SG to organise a national review workshop to look at the election results, look at the party's performance and chat the work forward, he said.

The workshop is planned to take place next month, February, mainly aimed at reviewing the 2019 Presidential and National Assembly elections results and to critically look at how the party performed in the elections to map out the way forward.

In regards to the November elections, Shixameni stressed that the meeting also critically rebutted and analysed both its the election campaign and the day of polling and the subsequent results noting that the party is not positively satisfied with its performance at the ended elections.

As we critically analysed the results, we are not positively satisfied with the party's performance due to various factors such as the issue of lack of finance for the elections as well as the issue of starting the campaign late, he said.

Due to a lack of funds and internal matters within the party, Shixameni said that when the campaign kicked off, it started a bit later and there were some disagreements were people started de-campaigned within the party.

He said the party is also very much aware of who de-campaigned the party from within but it is investigating every situation.

We are also investigating everyone's personal circumstances to establish why some of the people did what they did, said the party president.

Source: Namibia Press Agency