Apple munch-athon

Staff members of Bank Windhoek taking part in the Apple Eat-Off Competition of the 2013 Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple Project to raise awareness on cancer prevention and raise funds for the Cancer Association of Namibia.Bank Windhoek hosted an Apple Eat-Off Competition at the Bank Windhoek Maerua Mall Branch on Friday, 15 March 2013, to raise awareness of cancer prevention in Namibia.
The Apple Eat-Off Competition is part of the Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple Project, Namibia’s biggest fundraising event, which aims to raise funds for the Cancer Association of Namibia. The first round of the competition was only open to Bank Windhoek staff members. Ten teams from various branches and departments took part in the competition. The team from Central Administration Branch (CAB), consisting of Nathaniel Gaoseb, Geraldo du Plessis and Zayne Groenewaldt won the competition. The final round of the Apple Eat-Off Competition will take place at Radiowave’s studios on 22 March 2013.