AR launches election campaign

Affirmative Repositioning (AR) leader Job Amupanda on Wednesday launched the movement’s campaign for the Regional Council and Local Authority elections set for 25 November 2020.

The launch took place at the Katutura Youth Centre in Windhoek, where the movement also announced its candidates for positions in the Windhoek local authority council.

While launching the campaign, Amupanda said they want to take over the leadership of the City of Windhoek because it has become evident to them that fighting, protecting, and supporting the poor through protest actions and the courts are a mere temporary action with limited success in solving the root cause of the problems of landlessness, homelessness, hopelessness, corruption and underdevelopment.

He said that their programmes of action cover five areas of interventions which are economic, social, political, management and financial to identify problems and their root causes, sketches the environment, conditions and provides directions of what is to be done, with details of resources required and where they will be obtained from.

“It is a simple, logical, revolutionary and resolute text that seeks to bring radical transformation that prioritises housing, happiness, employment, development and decoloniality. Competent activists and professionals have been assembled to drive this change,” said Amupanda.

He added that the movement’s actions will be distinguished as important interventions that prevented Windhoek from degenerating and becoming a failed city.

“By voting for AR to take over the City of Windhoek, you are not only participating in writing history, you are also actually taking control of the steering wheel of a public bus at the decisive moment when a corrupt drunk driver is about to drive off a bridge, sinking the bus with the passengers into the deep sea,” said Amupanda.

The movement’s candidates for the City of Windhoek local authority council are Amupanda, IIlse Keister, Priscilla Heita, Maitjituavi Kavetu, Simon Amunime, Isdor Kamati, George Kambala, Dimbulukeni Nauyoma, Nasunga Lukubwe, Nathanael Kalola, Kenneth Namoloh, Abed-nego Shishiveni and Trudy Gertze.

Source: Namibia Press Agency