Arandisstategic plan focused on three economic drivers: Klazen

Arandis Town Council's five-year strategic plan is focused on three economic drivers namely Joint Venture Partnership, Industrialisation and support services and Utility services, Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Derek Klazen said.

In a statement availed to Nampa, Klazen said, the Joint Venture Partnership focus is with its legal basis and provision is found in Local Authorities Act as amended, at Arandis on Friday.

This provision allows the Local Authority to commercialize some of its powers and enter into a joint business venture with the private sector in line with regulations made by the minister, he said.

He added that ventures will operate strictly on sound private sector business principles in accordance with the approval of the minister as per the commercialization and Joint Business Venture Regulations 2 and 3 passed in terms of the Act.

Arandis is strategically situated in terms of its proximity to the harbour making it ideal for manufacturing plants, warehousing and many other industries.

I encourage investors to come and invest in the town of Arandis, as you will be investing in your future and the future of the country, he said.

He added that while a lot of resources goes into the implementation of a plan the council must ensure that it has right people who share the vision of the plan that are willing and committed to take a leap of faith to ensuring that the make a reality.

Source: Namibia Press Agency