Ariamsvlei Primary School awards learners

Ariamsvlei Primary School on Thursday awarded learners with certificates and trophies in regonistion of the learners hard work through out the year.

Close to 50 learners were awarded with certificate for obtaining 80 per cent and above in the first and second term exams.

In a speech read on her behalf the Deputy Director for Education, Jesmine Magerman said the world around children is changing so fast than it ever has before adding that children need to be equipped with skills and knowlegde for them to succeed in the rapidly changing world.

According to the deputy director the ingredient for such success is education.

'Education start changing one person's life and ends up changing the world, the only failure in life is the failure to try never give up trying to fulfil your dreams and ideals, in the end everyone who tries will succeed,' Magerman said encouraging the learners.

She said parents should understand that education starts at home and the teachers continue with it at school noting that children after return to thier respective homes after school so parents should continue to teach and install the same values at home.

'Teachers you must make the hands of the parents strong by teaching the learners values, morals and principles at school that make them strong, so that they become responsible children, adults and citizens,' she said.

Speaking at the ceremony school principal, Eugen Forbes urge the community at the settlement to continue playing a part in imparting important knowledge and skills in the learners and for them to be the main protectors of young children from all social ills such as child abuse, alcohol and drugs and others.

'Please do not stop with your relentless efforts of making Ariamsvlei a safer place for our young children. Being peacful and kind as most people in the community gives me hope and condidence that the education of these learners does not just end in the classroom rather a lifelong journey,' she said.

Other awards were most improve learner award, early bird award, the peacook award, first responder award, the sunshine award and the wikipedia award that was given to the learner that ask most questions in class.

Teachers were also awarded certificates and the school regonised companies and indiduals that have assisted the school through out the year.

The school has a total number of 265 learners.

Source: Namibia Press Agency