Armas calls for inclusivity in decision making

The Chairperson of the Namibian National Association of the Deaf (NNAD), Beata Armas said the hearing impaired community in Namibia also want to be part of decision making process in the country.

Armas made the call at the national celebration month of hearing impaired people here on Thursday.

The event is held each an every year during the month of September to raise awareness about challenges faced by people with hearing impairment and to address their needs.

The celebration was held under the theme Sign Language Rights for All

Speaking to a poorly attended event, the chairlady said Government should consider including people with hearing impairment to be part of decision making bodies in the country.

She said people that do not understand their needs since they are needs are different from the hearing world are making decisions affecting them.

We know our needs our selves. We don't want other people to decide on our behalf and then give us when they have already concluded or decided. We want to be part and parcel of decision-making process, said Armas.

The chairlady of the organization also added that government should also include interpreters or people that can do sign language as public institutions like police stations and hospitals.

She said nurses and doctors should also be able to do sign or have someone that can interpret for them so that they can communicate with deaf people.

Armans implored public institutions in every region such as hospitals, banks and police stations to have sign language interpreters including nurses and doctors for them to be able to sign so that they can communicate with the deaf people.

What if a person goes to the hospital and gets a wrong prescription as a result of poor communication? She asked.

To clarify her question, Armas gave an example that it is always difficult for police to communicate with deaf people when they have either committed a crime or would want to report a case.

She noted that it becomes difficult because every time, the police officer will need an interpreter and it will be better for some police officers to learn sign language or have someone that can sign for them to check if the information the deaf person is trying give is correct or not.

Source: Namibia Press Agency