Arnold denies authoring death note

Windhoek-Anthea Arnold, 32, has denied being the author of the note discovered at the residence of her former German boyfriend Michael Breder, who she is accused of killing.

Arnold is charged with intentionally killing the 52-year-old at his residence in Windhoek's Southern Industrial Area on May 14, 2011, by shooting him in the back while he was seated in his car in his yard. During testimony last week the prosecution charged that Arnold's motive for killing the deceased could be gleaned from the content of the written piece of paper found on a table in Breder's home.

Arnold indicated that after the shooting she took the gun, climbed over the yard fence, got into a taxi and went straight to her aunt's place. Upon arrival at her aunt's place she informed her that she shot her ex-boyfriend but she was not sure if he was dead or alive.

During investigations the police found a piece of paper written in German and English stating: 'I did it because he infected me and feels nothing about it.' The note further said: 'My darling I am sorry but I cannot any more. Love your wife.'

Arnold bluntly denied before magistrate Ileni Velikoshi that she was the author of the note.

I am not the author of the note. They took my handwriting to make a comparison, explained Arnold.

According to the prosecution, forensics could not determine who the author of the note was as the results were inconclusive, but they could not rule out the possibility that Arnold wrote the note.

I did not enter the deceased's house nor did I write that letter, said Arnold during her recollection of the events that transpired on the day of the shooting.

Having pleaded not guilty to a charge of murder Arnold has stood her ground that she acted in self-defence when she fired a shot from Breder's personal gun, which led to his death.

In her defence she said she was being assaulted by the deceased, who was not happy she had moved on to marry someone else.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia