Article 47 of National Assembly needs to be amended Kandirikirira

National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) Youth League Acting Secretary General, Veparura Kandirikirira says Article 47 of the National Assembly must be amended to disqualify members who are convicted of a crime.

Speaking at a party media briefing here on Thursday, Kandirikirira expressed disappointment at the constitution of the Republic of Namibia for allowing people who are convicted, and sentenced with option of a fine, to serve the public at Legislature positions.

It's a high time we revisit our constitution and re-amend it more in details as amending the above mentioned provision will be for good governance and transparency, said Kandirikirira.

Article 47 of National Assembly, disqualify jailed members from serving at the National Assembly, but also allows convicted members who pay a fine to be appointed as a member of the August House again.

In the Sub-Article (1)(a) it says No persons may become members of the National Assembly if they; have at any time after independence been convicted of any offence in Namibia, or outside Namibia if such conduct would have constituted an offence within Namibia, and for which they have been sentenced to death or to imprisonment of more than 12 months 'without the option of a fine', unless they have received a free pardon or unless such imprisonment has expired at least ten years before the date of their selection

In its current form our laws just motive members of parliament to misuse their positions, because they fear nothing as in the end they will remain members even if they are to be convicted with an option of a fine, emphasised Kandirikirira.

He concluded saying it is unpleasant to have someone with a criminal record or any conviction and be in the parliament as a law maker.

Source: Namibia Press Agency