Arts guru, Spoken Word founder dies

Renowned Namibian film-maker and founding board member of the Namibia Film Commission, Oshosheni Hiveluah, died yesterday in a Windhoek hospital aged 37.

Confirming the death to Nampa on Thursday, younger sister Nangula Hiveluah said her sister died after undergoing a minor procedure at a local hospital where she had been hospitalised had been hospitalised for three weeks.

Nangula described the death as a shock to the family.

She said her sister had shown periods of recovery during her time in the hospital.

Amongst those gathered at the home to comfort the family were close friends Clara Schnack and Mweneni Shiweda, who described Oshosheni, also known as Osho, as someone who was strong-willed, passionate about the arts and never one to be confined to a box.

Art was her life and she gave it all her love and devotion. No one can speak of Osho without speaking of her art, Shiweda said.

Schnack told Nampa that she studied together with the deceased at City Varsity Multi Media School in Cape Town.

Oshosheni is the founder of Spoken Word. She started it with a group of us but she was the main creator of the idea and platform that has launched many careers on the poetry scene in Windhoek, Schnack said.

Oshosheni won various local and international awards for directing and producing various stage plays and short films.

Most notable amongst them is her 2016 Special Jury Prize at the 5th Iran International Green Film Festival

Oshosheni's 'Tjitji � The Himba Girl' won Best Narrative Film and Best Cinematography at the 2014 Namibia Film and Theatre Awards.

The deceased is survived by her father and three siblings

Source: Namibia Press Agency