Athletes should not be allowed to pick & choose events

So, the Namibian senior netball team is locking horns with neighbours Botswana in the second edition of the annual Debmarine Netball Pent Series tomorrow without some familiar faces.

The squad selection is certainly not a true reflection of Namibia's finest basket rattlers. It's a known fact that netballers from the white community have proven to a notch above the rest when it comes to this particular ladies game.

Ever since the dawn of democracy, Namibia has been well represented by large contingent of white athletes � obviously selected on merit and not via the colour of their skin. Yours truly is of course not surprised at all to spot the notable absentee of netballers from across the colour line.

Without beating about the bush, this is not the first time nor do I think would be last event for white athletes to shun an international tourney hosted on the African continent, let alone on home soil.

Our brothers and sisters from another mother have categorically made it their sole beat to find all sorts of excuses not to be associated with anything to do with their supposedly adopted motherland.

As much as I agree and respects the fundamental freedom of association � morals and dignity dictates otherwise.

Of course, people belong to different religions but when it comes to national pride, we are obliged by common sense to throw our weight together and put aside our political differences, tribe and race association for the sake of unity and acceptance.

Is it perhaps not time now for the country's governing sports body, the National Sports Commission (NSC) to introduce hard and fast rules that would compel athletes to adhere to national call ups or face sanctions for future international participation.

Athletes should not be given carte blanche to choose and peak events at their own discretion � that's a gravely dangerous precedence, to say the least.

Time for retrospection for weary Warriors

The Brave Warriors humiliating defeat at the hands of a second strings Bafana Bafana has left me with many questions than answers. Watching the match from the comfort of my living room I was just about to pose on Facebook just to brag about the team's showing.

In all honesty, I have never watched our football team playing with such authority, gusto and confidence on the ball in a very long time.

The boys played some brilliant football in the opening half and had their celebrated South African professionals chasing shadows with their smooth passing game and amazing ball retention.

I must admit we conceded easy goals very much against the run of play, aided by schoolboy defensive errors. The overall performance was not bad at all as lots of people are trying to make it.

One thing I picked up is that Mannetti need to overhaul his squad and bring in fresh pair of legs who are prepared to die with their boots laced for their beloved land of the Brave.

For the umpteenth time, the coach was gravely let down by a good chunk of his trusted soldiers who dismally failed to come to the show.

One particular promising footballer demonstrating brilliant skill and maturity way belying his tender age was without a shadow of doubt midfielder Marcel Pappama.

The youngster is blessed with a brilliant first touch and I won't be surprised if some of the leading teams in the stinking rich PSL come after his signature. I rest my case.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia