Bail hearing granted to NDF soldier accused of murder

WINDHOEK, The bail hearing of former Namibia Defence Force (NDF) soldier accused of fatally shooting his ex-lover and mother of his three-year-old child is scheduled to take place this week.

Johannes Neuaka, 39, approached the court in May for a formal bail application with the hope of convincing the court he is worthy of being released on bail while awaiting trial. The former soldier stands accused of killing his ex-girlfriend Zya Juliet Shane Rittmann, 25, on January 21, in Damara location, Katutura. Neuaka faces a count of murder read with the provisions of Domestic Violence Act, a charge of being in possession of a firearm and ammunition without a license and a charge of negligent discharge of firearm. Making an appearance in Katutura Court before Magistrate Uutjao Uanivi, Neuaka was informed his bail hearing will take place on Thursday. Neuaka has been in police custody for almost six months after handing himself over to the police on the day of the tragic incident.

According to the police report on the initial investigation, Neuaka shot Rittmann at her mother's residence located on Michael Angelo Street in Damara, Katutura. The report further stated Rittmann was shot in the head with a 9mm Makarov pistol due to relationship complications. The couple had acrimoniously terminated their five-year relationship.

Following the disastrous incident, Neuaka fled the scene in his black Audi A3 and surrendered himself over to the police at Katutura police station.

Due to the serious nature of the crime and investigations not finalised, the prosecution strongly objects to Neuaka's release on bail. Furthermore, the prosecution believes that Neuaka might interfere with State witnesses and ongoing investigations.

Defence attorney Mbanga Siyomunji was representing Neuaka with Victoria Thompson prosecuting for the State.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia