Bakery Opens in Sleepy Aus

Residents of Aus in the !Nami#nus Constituency will no longer have to travel 122km to Luumlderitz to buy bread, after a local woman, Maria Vlees, opened a bakery in the village.

Goretti’s Bakery eases the hunger for fresh bread in Aus. The small shops in the village usually buy their bread stock in Luumlderitz, and then sell to residents for N$13 00 per loaf.

At the beginning of this year Vlees received equipment from the Ministry of Trade and Industry to make her business more effective and efficient.

She explained that the bread tray she received can bake about 20 breads at a time.

Last week the !Nami#nus Constituency Councillor Jan Scholtz donated bread flour and yeast worth N$4 700 to Goretti’s Bakery.

Scholtz stated that the contribution from his office came from the 5 percent levy contribution from the Karas Regional Council allocated to the Constituency Development Fund and he emphasized that he was looking at more possibilities to assist SMEs in the constituency to address unemployment.

Vlees said the main aim of opening Goretti’s Bakery is to supply bread to the hotel and to the school in the village, to prevent residents travelling long distances to buy bread in Luumlderitz and to provide employment to herself and other Aus residents.

Source : New Era