Bank introduces real time expert sessions

Standard Bank Namibia has become the first bank in the country to introduce real time interactive expert sessions on its facebook platform.
The bank said the sessions are the latest trend with which it is boosting its customer service delivery as well as helping make the relationship between its customers and itself more effective.
In a statement, the bank said as social media continues to evolve and its use changes and expands so will the manner in which it will cater for its clients. The bank currently has close to 12 000 likes on facebook and 400 followers on twitter.
Social Media Marketing Manager Janet Ndaitwa said: “Our consumers have leveraged onto our social media sites so as to experience real-time availability of our experts.”
So far banking issues such Loans and Investments as well as wills and estates have been covered during these sessions.
Ndaitwa said social media enables Standard Bank to facilitate enhanced speed and breadth of information dissemination to its customers.