Basson applauds SME efforts in ||Kharas

||Kharas Governor Lucia Basson has applauded those from here region who have taken the initiative to be entrepreneur and not wait on the government to spoon feed them.

Basson made the remarked here on Tuesday at the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) development workshop.

The one day workshop which was attended by close to 40 people served as a platform for small business owners to gain knowledge, enlightenment, trade secrets and a chance to interact and network with those that have been managing successful businesses.

I am proud of you as business people because you have decided not to depend on the government but you have decided to depend on yourselves and just seeks financial assistance through the financial institutions such as Namibia Development Bank and other, she said.

She said SME development remains a key focus areas for government in developing the local economy and improve the living standards of fellow citizen.

Our efforts towards SME development in our country is practically demonstrated by us as having created a ministry that deals with SME development because SME sector is great contributor to our GDP annual, said Basson.

Basson added that government continue to create favourable politically stable environment in which private sector must thrive in doing business considering that there are no external factors affecting doing business in Namibia like global economic crises.

She called on the youth in the region to get involve in doing business to eradicate poverty and create jobs for others.

The fears of failing has a very real hold on many people, fear is the number one thing that holds us back from success and keeps the majority of SME's chained to an outdated service or product, she added.

Source: Namibia Press Agency