“Being in the arts has always been part of my life”

Tuli Shityuwete says she can not think of a time when she has not been involved in the arts. This stage bombshell plays the leading role in the upcoming musical, Meme Mia.Whenever she is on stage magic happens. Tulimelila ‘Tuli’ Shityuwete is one of Namibia’s finest stage actresses. Leading up to the opening of Meme Mia, the biggest musical ever to be staged on Namibian soil, the Economist caught up with the 25-year-old African contemporary dancer, singer and actress who has been in theatre all her life. Meme Mia debuts on 12 April and runs until 20 April at the National Theatre of Namibia. Tickets can be bought at the NTN Box Office and the College of the Arts for N$100. Tuli has been dancing since she was four years old and even though she was a year too young to start, she begged and begged until she was allowed to go.
“I always knew that I wanted to be in theatre so I consider myself one of the lucky few; being in the arts was never a choice that I had to make, it has always been a part of my life. I have known that this is what I wanted to do with my life from the moment I was able to verbally express myself. The first show I did was with my wonderful ballet teacher Jenny Schuster. I was 7 years old and I was a sea turtle. We had to wear lime green leotards and little gold balaclavas and we had these massive shells on our backs. I was unbelievably jealous of the gold fish who had really pretty costumes and were older than us. Looking back, that was where my love of performance started; I watched the video a few years ago and I was so over the moon. I was just so happy to be on stage, I had totally found my calling” she said.