Biodiversity crucial to ecosystem

Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta speaking at the oficial opening of the second National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan workshop (Photograph by Bryn Canniffe).The Minisitry of Environment and Tourism seeks high level commitment for the implementation of the second National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAPII).
At a recent workshop, attended by experts in biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, findings from the regional NBSAP II consultations which took place in October and November 2012, show that 70% of Namibia’s population rely on the natural base for income, food, medicine, fuel and shelter.
According to Sylvester Mbangu, National Development Advisor of the National Planning Commission, the country’s dependence on natural resources is expressed in the concept of ecosystem services which play a role in the livelihood and survival of those who depend on the resources. “It is therefore important for us to know and understand that biodiversity is the key component for these ecosystem services and if we want to maintain our wide variety of ecosystem services in the country, then we also have to conserve our biodiversity and promote sustainable utilisation thereof,” he said. Mbangu made the remarks on behalf of the Director General of National Planning Commission, Tom Alweendo.