Boer Goat ram fetches N$34,000 at fiercely contested production auction

A Boer Goat ram of Xico Coetzee walked away with the highest price when Wykert van Staden slapped down N$34,000 for the young animal during the annual auction of the Coetzee brothers, Zirk and Xico.

Bidding amongst buyers was as fierce as betting on any World Cup football game last Thursday when the annual production auction of the Coetzee brothers took place. The auction, with guest sellers Francois van Rensburg, Wyckert van Staden and Willem Janzen van Vuuren saw a packed house vying for the best genetics of eight small stock breeds. Almost 200 of the finest Boer Goats, Van Rooys, Persians, Veldmasters, Kalhari Reds, Damaras and Savannas came under the hammer and in all categories excellent prices were fetched for top quality genetics.

Only a few Van Rooy ewes, three Damara rams and four Kalahari Reds did not get new owners with 55 Boer Goats, 50 Van Rooys, 25 Kalahari Reds, 25 Damaras, 15 Persians, 10 Veldmasters and 13 Savannas coming under the hammer.

The Coetzee brothers and their guest sellers as well as buyers were very pleased with the quality, which resulted in tough bidding in all categories with exceptionally high average prices.

A surprise package was the Galopper rams which were added to the menu, reaching average prices of between N$5,000 and N$10,000. Savanna and Kalahari Red rams reached prices of up to N$6,000 while Van Rooy rams fetched up to N$10,000 and ewes went for up to N$7,000. Boer Goat ewes also reached up to N$7,000 while the highest price for a Persian ram was N$7,000. Veldmaster rams went for between N$4,000 and N$9,000.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia