Boxing denies unfair dismissal of Kaperu, Modise

The Namibia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board recently leapt to its own defense, rubbishing claims that the board's two former chief administrators were unfairly dismissed.

At a recent press conference, boxing board's chairman Ellison Hijarunguru and fellow board member Ronald Kurtz dismissed recent allegations made by National Council member Ambrosius Kandjii, who accused the board of having unfairly sacked former chief administrator of the national boxing board Joe Kaperu and his successor Eckard Modise.

Both Kaperu and Modise were dismissed on allegations of fraud and gross misconduct, leading to their sacking. Modise replaced Kaperu as chief administrator last year.

Kandjii, who himself previously served on the board, accused the current board members of having fired both Kaperu and Modise for no reason, but based on tribalism and victimisation.

At the press conference, the board blasted Kandjii for spreading lies and misleading the public. One of the board members allegedly said he (Modise) is Tswana and he would never come back again. Kandjii further said the reason for their dismissal is tribalism and he also said the board has been complicit in disregarding a ministerial order and that the board is roque. Kandjii is misleading the public and we believe he has a personal interest in this matter,said Kurtz.

A hearing was held and he (Kaperu) was found guilty and subsequently dismissed upon recommendation of a completely independent disciplinary panel. He appealed the decision and the appeal was equally dismissed. As for Modise, he was charged with dishonesty involving embezzlement of funds and was given a hearing and found guilty and dismissed. In fact, we as a board have already went ahead to lay criminal charges against Modise, said Kurtz.

Kurtz is of the opinion that Kandjii abused public trust and freedom of speech by using a national platform to spread lies about the dealing of the board, saying it is surprising that Kandjii made such remarks when he himself, as a member of the pervious board, is currently being investigated by the ACC for misappropriation of funds.

Source: New Era Newspaper Namibia