Boxing Federation wants to maintain African Games record

Benjamin Rabang, president of the Namibia Boxing Federation says their goal at the 2019 African Games slated for Morocco is to maintain their international boxing record.

A group of 11 boxers has been selected to represent team Namibia in boxing at the African Games that will be held from 19 to 31 August in Rabat.

Speaking to Nampa recently Rabang said NBF identified 19 boxers from their national championships that were held in KatimaMulilo in June 2019 but those boxers were reduced to a smaller number as only the cream of the crop will represent the country at the African Games.

We have a great potential of winning medals at the African Games as we did in the past. Namibian boxing usually perform well at international competition and that is a record we want to maintain, he said.

During the 2015 African Games that were held in Congo, Brazzaville Junias Jonas and Mathias Hamunyela won two silver medals for Namibia. The two boxers then went to improve on that record as they won gold medals and qualified for the 2016 Olympic Games that were in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil during the 2016 African Championships that were held in Cameroon.

The NBF, president stated that the boxers selected to compete in Morocco will also represent he country later this year at the World Champs in Russia in September.

As a federation we do not have funds to prepare our team and send them to major championships that is why we calling on the corporate world to come on board and help were the government can't. We have talent boxers who we believe can win silverwares for the country if supported well.

The boxers travelling to Morocco on 15 August are; Andreas Shikongo, Gabriel Shigwedha, Trofimus Johannes, Junias Jonas, Nestor Thomas, Tryagain Ndevelo, Martin Kambalili, OivaWaitele, NaftaliSheyapo, Immanuel Shaanika and Chris Kangorondue.

The team is expected back in the country on 01 September 2019.

Source: Namibia Press Agency